Police introduce detectors to stop drivers using mobile phones: "This can only be good news"

Police introduce detectors to stop drivers using mobile phones
Police introduce detectors to stop drivers using mobile phones
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Police are cracking down on drivers who illegally use their mobile phones with a new device that detects the dangerous behaviour.

The device can determine if people are using mobile phones without hands-free kits while driving.

Hampshire and Thames Valley police forces are the first to use the new technology.

When a driver is detected using a phone illegally by the technology, the device flashes the driver with a mobile phone signal as a warning.

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The technology will also allow police to identify hotspots where drivers repeatedly use their phones.

We asked what you think of the plans....and here are a selection of your views from our Facebook page.

Fully support this, anything that catches these mindless and arrogant road users is great, when caught the police should escort them home and make use of portable shredders so they can take their licenses off them.

Stuart Dagger

Good. Too many still use them need harsher punishment

Jules Harrison

What if the driver has the phone in a cradle and is using the phone speaker instead of a Bluetooth device?

Drew Gale

Only detects whether a Bluetooth signal is being used. There are car media systems that have built-in handsfree voice activated phones, which are legal to use, and that don’t require any Bluetooth. How will these detection systems determine a legal user from an illegal user?

Frank Hill

We have them here in Oz and been used last few months and they work

Janet Bajada Towers

About time, technology should be advanced enough to prevent them working

Lynne Cooper

But new cars have touch screens for controls which you need to take your eyes off the road to use / it’s madness and is the same as using a mobile phone in my opinion

Nicki Grayson

Just take a picture of someone using their phone and send it in....

William Jon

Good! They’ll save lives

Chanel Whaley

Great news.

Angela Barnes

Because this is the only crime in the land worth pursuing‍️. If they spent as much time and effort on stabbing, rape, assault, burglary etc I’d be very happy.

Ken Morland

So someone sends a text to my phone or calls my phone when Im driving but I don’t open the text or answer the phone call am I still done?

John Baker

Or you have a passenger using a phone in your car it’s still going to set it off saying your using a mobile then what

Sarah Cliffe

Good. Safer for me as a cyclist

Helena Sherrington

Can only be good news

Dempsey Smith