Police called in to help bad parking at Blackpool school: "Just park your car and walk!"

Some parents of children at a Blackpool primary school are “still parking in dangerous places” and then verbally abusing staff.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 6:22 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 6:29 pm
Some of the traffic issues close to St Nicholas School

Both council workers and police have been called in to help at St Nicholas Church of England Primary School, in School Road, Marton, while a camera could be installed to help combat the problem.

Acting headteacher Claire Taylor told parents in a newsletter that the council and police were there to “look at the issues we have with parking”.

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Police called in to help beat bad parking at a Blackpool primary school

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She said: “Some parents are still parking in dangerous places, some in prohibited parking areas, and some are letting children out on the mini-roundabout.”

We asked for your views on school parking and here are a selection...

My son goes to this school. I have to get there 30 minutes before the end of school just to get a parking space - it’s ridiculous.

There is hardly anywhere to park and School Road is extremely busy at drop off and pick up and yes, I have parked on the yellow lines due to having nowhere else to park.

Maybe they should sort more parking spaces for the parents and look at traffic issues also !

Donna Haywood

If you have a special needs child who for whatever reason is unable to walk any distance to the school then surely you would be able to obtain a blue badge for them allowing you to park nearer?

Sandra Isaac

It.s ridiculous.

At Hawes Side too, both at the front and back.

People parking on double yellows and on corners, making it difficult for other cars to get through, often causing chaos in a morning.

Its easier for me to walk so I do so unless it’s raining.

Carlene Thompson

I think every school has this problem.. mines awful.. but I still manage to leave work at 3pm get there for 3.13 and leg it up to the gates.. having parked legally!

But whem there isn’t as much space around to park parents have no option.

Sarah Lambert

Waterloo is really bad - fhey park in the bus stops, double yellows, the lot.

Waterloo Road is a nice stretch of road but they still park on bus stops etc when they could park down abit and just walk that little bit futher.

Sam Stowell

The authorities need to remember when building school that parking needs to be a top priority.

Sheila Petts

This an issue around most schools. At Haweside Academy the traffic wardens were there again last week.

I always park a few minutes walk from the school and it’s more convenient as l never have an issue parking just have to walk a 100 metres.

Eddie Young

Parents at my school put on high-vis jackets and patrol the gates in front of school.

It’s fantastic and a real deterrent for those with a conscience.

Michelle Cookson

I could never understand when my son was here the reason why parents felt it so necessary to get as close to the school doors as possible.

Do you not have legs?

Park your car and walk!

Sarah Lea

Maybe try walking?

Danny Plumb