Police boss in job threat rap

Clive Grunshaw police and crime commissioner
Clive Grunshaw police and crime commissioner
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Lancashire’s police boss has hit back at calls to do away with Police and Crime Commissioners after the next General Election.

Clive Grunshaw, Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner and former Wyre councillor, reacted to comments made by Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper who said such posts would be abolished should Labour win the next national ballot.

Mr Grunshaw said: “Since their election, I firmly believe Police and Crime Commissioners across the country have made significantly positive contributions to the communities they serve, and here in Lancashire we have done that on a budget far smaller than that of the Police Authority I replaced.

“Supported by my office, I have worked tirelessly with Lancashire Police to ensure Lancashire remains a safe and peaceful place to live, in spite of the cuts which have been made to the county’s policing budget.”

Ms Cooper said the potential £50m cost of the next PCC elections was a waste of cash.

She also questioned whether it was wise to “concentrate” power in the hands of one person “who can’t be held to account for four years.”

Mr Grunshaw said it was vitally important that any changes to the PCC system needed to “build on the levels of community and partner engagement which has been created by PCCs”.

He said: “There is always room for changes to be made.

“I will wholeheartedly support proposals which move the PCC system 
forward, and ensure the public continue to have a mechanism to properly and effectively hold the
Chief Constable to account.”