‘Please don’t forget our Waterloo battle’

Osborne Road parking issues
Osborne Road parking issues
  • Call for consultation for parking in Waterloo ward
  • Fears raised South Shore schemes have put extra pressure in Waterloo
  • Council looking at schemes for Bloomfield; says Waterloo is also on agenda
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Proposals to shake up parking restrictions in parts of South Shore have prompted calls for other areas of the town to be looked at as well.

Blackpool Council is currently consulting with residents and businesses on a revised parking scheme for the triangle of streets bordered by Lytham Road, Waterloo Road and Bolton Street.

It will push even more people into our area looking for parking spaces

Coun Derek Robertson

Options include introducing a residents’ permit scheme, abolishing yellow lines in some areas and reducing the width of pavements in some streets.

Now calls have been made for the council to review parking in Waterloo ward as well.

Coun Derek Robertson, who represents the ward, said: “We’ve got the same problems here and have been campaigning for years for something to be done.

“There is massive pressure on parking in Osborne Road, Withnell Road, Station Road and Balmoral Road.

“A lot of the guest houses have closed down and been converted to residential use, such as flats, and the people who move in have more than one car.

“In the past we have presented petitions to the council about it.

“I’m very worried that if a residents’ only parking scheme is introduced in some streets further north, then it will push even more people into our area looking for parking spaces and make the situation even worse here.”

Fellow Waterloo councillor David O’Hara said: “The issues are that we need a scheme which will make it easier for residents to park and also provide parking for people visiting the businesses.

“We want to see how things work out in Bloomfield, and then maybe extend some of those initiatives into Waterloo.”

Council chiefs said they were aware of the issues in Waterloo ward.

Coun Gillian Campbell, deputy leader of Blackpool Council, said: “We are currently asking people in the Bloomfield ward for their thoughts on our plans to relieve some of the parking issues in the holiday area.

“We’re well aware there are similar concerns from the residents around Osborne Road and have been speaking to Coun Robertson and Coun O’Hara about the issues.

“Essentially, there are a large numbers of cars, belonging to residents, businesses and tourists, all competing for a limited number of spaces.

“Improving parking in Waterloo ward is on our agenda, however I am keen to make sure we get the first potential project correct before we consider other similar areas.”