Plea for lost rings after heart attack

Andrew Seddon with one of his mum's photo albums (Rose Seddon).
Andrew Seddon with one of his mum's photo albums (Rose Seddon).
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The son of an elderly woman who lost her engagement and wedding rings while suffering a heart attack has appealed for their safe return.

Grandmother-of-five Rose Seddon, from Bispham, suffered the attack on Talbot Road, outside Layton Cemetery.

Due to her frail build the rings, which were bought for her by her late husband Jack, slipped off and have not yet been recovered.

Her son Andrew Seddon, 53, who lives in Wiltshire but is currently staying in the resort to be close to her bedside at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, has called on Gazette readers to help locate the missing rings.

He said: “My father never managed to buy her and engagement ring and just before he died he decided it was about time she had one, so it was one of the last things he bought for her.

“The wedding ring is heavy gold made from of both my grandmothers’ wedding rings, which they had melted down.

“There’s a lot of sentimental value because I lost my father 10 years ago and she’ll be devastated if she doesn’t get them back.”

Mrs Seddon suffered the heart attack on November 19, at around 4pm, requiring CPR at the scene.

She later suffered a cardiac arrest while in intensive care, but is now recovering.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.

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