‘Playful Staffie’ took off my tag

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A man aims to show he is innocent of deliberately taking off the tag monitoring his curfew by proving his dog removed it.

A court was told that Philip Prior’ s playful Staffordshire bull terrier pounced on the tag, bit it off and that there was proof of the incident because it had been videoed.

Prior, 46, of Ventnor Road, South Shore, pleaded not guilty to removing the electronic tag monitoring his 8pm to 6am curfew and failing to take reasonable care of the electronic equipment.

Allan Cobain, defending, said:” My client often wears shorts and flip-flops and his dog frequently takes a liking to his shoes. On this occasion the dog got hold of the recording equipment and pulled it off.”

As soon as a tag is removed it alerts the authorities it has been tampered with and, on May 23 at 11.27pm, officials knew there was a problem with Prior’s tag. Prior was immediately telephoned by an official and he said the dog had removed his tag.

Mr Cobain added: “My client has video of his dog being playful and chewing the tag off. The equipment was only off for about 10 minutes and Prior did not leave his address. Someone came out and replacedthe tag, this time putting it on Prior’s other leg. I have a Staffordshire bull terrier myself. If they want to get hold of something, they won’t let go and it is the very devil of a job to make them do so.”

The trial of the terrier and the tag will take place on August 6. Prior was bailed to that date by Blackpool magistrates.