Plans for new £6.2m school

Plans for the new Primary school on the King Edward Queen Mary site
Plans for the new Primary school on the King Edward Queen Mary site
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ARTIST impressions show the £6.2m future planned for a new private school.

Arnold and King Edward and Queen Mary School (KEQMS) are due to be merged from September, a move which has prompted some parents to mount a legal challenge.

But the images show how ambitious plans to build a new junior school and sports hall will be realised as part of extensive renovation of KEQMS’ current Clifton Drive site.

As work gathers momentum in bringing the two schools together, exciting times lie ahead according to Jim Keefe, headteacher of Arnold who will run the new merged school.

He said: “The facilities in the new buildings will be state of the art and finished to a very high standard.

“There will be new science labs and ICT facilities and work will be done to improve the entire layout of the school to ensure we use the space as effectively as possible.

“The best interests of the children lies at the heart of every decision we make.”

The new school will be known as AKS – an amalgamation of the two schools’ original names.

The junior school will mark the first phase of the building work and should be complete in 2013. Work on the sports hall should completed in 2014.

Parents have been asked to choose how the schools will operate when they are joined later this year.

Last Friday marked the end of a consultation with parents.

They have been asked whether to split juniors and seniors on to two sites, keep the schools separate for another year or move everybody on to one site using temporary classrooms.

Jon Coles, chief executive of United Church Schools Trust, said: “We are committed to a significant package of improvements.

“I’ve spent time talking to parents from both sites since I took up post and want to reassure everybody the decision about the way to proceed in September will not be taken lightly.

“It has big consequences for parents who may have children at junior and secondary age so we are looking at options like transport.

“We will consider the views of everybody to work out which is the most suitable option.”