Pippa is top cat thanks to diet success!

PDSA vet Terry Ogdin with Pippa
PDSA vet Terry Ogdin with Pippa
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Losing a few pounds has helped a former flabby feline from Blackpool to runners-up spot in a national pet slimming contest.

Podgy puss Pippa tipped the scales at more than a stone before she enrolled in the Pet Fit Club competition run by vet charity PDSA.

It meant she weighed half as much again as she should have done.

But six months after embarking on a healthier eating and exercise programme, the kitty is a little less cuddly having lost nearly two pounds, which is 9.4 per cent of her body weight, and is on her way to reaching her target weight.

Each year, the PDSA recruits the UK’s fattest pets to undertake a six-month diet and exercise competition.

Supervised by the charity’s vets and nurses, Pet Fit Club helps them back into shape and creates awareness of the serious issue of pet obesity, which affects millions of household pets.

Pippa’s owner Audrey Brooks, from Bispham, said her pet’s weight crept up due to her cheeky habit of stealing her brother Oscar’s food after wolfing down her own.

She said she hadn’t realised the extent of the weight gain until a friend pointed it out.

Audrey said: “Pippa has a terrible habit of eating our other cat’s food, so in order to ensure she stuck to her diet I’ve had to supervise them at meal times – which has been difficult.

“She is an indoor cat, because we live by a busy road, so we’ve been trying to find ways of exercising her in the house.

“We’ve brought chasing toys, which she loves, and encourage her to run up and down the stairs to get her moving.

“I’m so proud of how Pippa’s done and glad we’ve taken part in Pet Fit Club. It’s definitely been the kick start we needed and I’m planning on sticking with the diet until she reaches her ideal weight.”