Pinhole peril spying on you

The camera found in the cash machine of the Santander branch, in Lytham.
The camera found in the cash machine of the Santander branch, in Lytham.
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THIS is the first picture of the camera used to spy on the pin numbers of unsuspecting bank customers.

The covert camera was recovered from a cash machine in Lytham town centre and police are continuing to investigate whether any unsuspecting cash machine users fell victim to the scam.

Police recovered the camera from the Santander cash machine, on Clifton Street, and also found a small hole was also discovered above the keypad in the Lloyds TSB machine on the same street.

Customers are now being urged by police and the banks to remain vigilant.

Robert Silverwood, vice-chair of the town’s business group, said: “You should be able to go shopping without having to worry, but perhaps it serves as a bit of awareness to the community that we always have to be on the look-out and these things happen.”

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A thorough check of cash machines across the Fylde was carried out in the aftermath of the discoveries last Thursday, but no other machines had been targeted.

PC Dave Payne from Lytham Police said: “We are investigating the camera that has been fitted to the bank machine and we have also checked other cash points in the area. Our advice to people using cash machines is to always protect and cover your pin by using your other hand.

“Prior to using a cash machine check no devices have been fitted to it and if you have any suspicions and think that a cash machine may have been tampered with them call the police or contact the bank.”

And Santander have warned their customers to be vigilant.

A spokesman for the bank said: “If a customer is suspicious of or concerned about using an ATM machine then they should not use it.

“As soon as concerns are raised about any Santander ATM machine, the machine is taken offline and an engineer called. We would advise anyone who has used an ATM and thinks their card has been compromised to contact their bank as soon as possible.”