Pie nearly killed me, claims mum

Nicola Ward  with the Fray Bentos tin her pie was in
Nicola Ward with the Fray Bentos tin her pie was in
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A MUM-OF-THREE thought she was choking to death after swallowing a bone in a tinned steak and kidney pie.

As Nicola Ward sat down for tea she was expecting a tasty treat when she tucked into her Fray Bentos pie.

But when a one-inch bone lodged in her throat she needed x-rays and an emergency operation at Blackpool Victoria Hospital as her airway became swollen and she struggled to breathe.

She now intends to take legal action against the company.

Today, Mrs Ward, of Beach Road, Fleetwood, told The Gazette: “I couldn’t breathe – I thought I was a goner, I really did.”

Following her operation on Sunday morning, the 42-year-old mum had to remain in hospital until Thursday while she recovered from the procedure.

She realised she had a problem the previous Thursday teatime as she ate the pie – bought from the Asda superstore in Fleetwood – and felt something catch in her throat.

She added: “I felt a sort of pain in my throat. I tried to get it up but I couldn’t.

“My throat was swollen and the side of my face as well.

“I went to Fleetwood Hospital and they sent me to Victoria where I had X-rays but they couldn’t find anything.

“It got worse on Friday so I went back. I had a camera down my throat but they still couldn’t see anything, perhaps because it was so lodged down.

“Then on Sunday morning about 2am I couldn’t breath and my husband sent for the ambulance.

“I was really frightened, but they were really good at The Vic.”

Surgeons put Mrs Ward under a general anaesthetic as they operated to remove the bone.

Afterwards, Mrs Ward called the Fray Bentos complaints line.

She added: “Since then a manager has rung me.

“He apologised and he asked me about every little thing and he is going to ask the hospital to send some letters so he can investigate it.”

Mrs Ward’s husband Bill described his fears as his wife began to struggle to breath.

He said: “It was very worrying, she was in a lot of trouble.

“She wanted me to take her in the car but I called an ambulance because it was quicker.

“They found a bone about an inch long.”

In March this year, some Fray Bentos pies were recalled because of fears they may have contained small pieces of glass.

When contacted by The Gazette, a spokesman for the company said: “We have been in touch with Mrs Ward and are investigating the situation.”

An Asda spokesman added: “This product did not live up to expectations and we would ask the customer to bring us the package and some kind of information for us to be able to investigate.”