PICTURE SPECIAL: A prize that’s just too tasty for words

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A special chocolate workshop for lucky youngsters at a rural school had all the ingredients of the “best day ever”.

Year Six children at Weeton Primary School had a sweet time as they learned all about chocolate with professionals from York’s Chocolate Story.

Photo Neil Cross'Chocolate workshop at Weeton Primary School

Photo Neil Cross'Chocolate workshop at Weeton Primary School

The experts visited the Army barracks-based school on Monday.

The class were nominated to win the educational chocolate class after being nominated by school bosses for their hard work towards their SATs and resilience while many of the children’s fathers fought in Afghanistan last year.

Youngsters learned about the ingredients used to make their favourite chocolate bars, how it is transported around the world and the best way to package it to catch a consumers’ eye.

Year Six teacher David Ashcroft said: “The children loved it. They were able to try lots of different chocolates but they were sensible too.

“Then they made some truffles and some poppy lollies to link in with the anniversary of the First World War.”

Tyler Glynn, 10, said it was one of his “best ever” days in school. He added: “The best bit was getting to do our own chocolate. You don’t get professional chocolate makers in school often. We learned about the First World War too and chocolate to do with that.”