Pet Shop Boy: ‘I quit Twitter’

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One of Blackpool’s musical sons has revealed he has quit social media site Twitter after being trolled by users.

As the Pet Shop Boys announced a new album, one half of the electro pop duo, Chris Lowe, who grew up in Blackpool, said quitting the site was the “best thing we have ever done”,

It’s astonishing how much anger people have

Chris Lowe

In an interview with the London Evening Standard, he said: “I’m amazed at the comments you get... it’s astonishing how much anger people have and they have found a format to vent their anger.”

Ironically, the band’s new album announcement was trending on Twitter yesterday such was the excitement around the release, called Super, which will be out in April.

They also revealed plans for a four-night residency at the Royal Opera House in London

Lowe attended Arnold School where he started his musical path playing trombone with a seven-piece dance band called One Under The Eight.

Super will be their 13th studio album release since their formation in 1981, and Lowe, 56, with bandmate Neil Tennant, 61, are promising a spectacular live show.

In the interview, they described Super as a ‘pretty dancy album’ that is ‘very, very electronic’.

Their shows at the Royal Opera House will once again be created with the help of stage designer Es Devlin.

Tennant added: “I think we have in our history a tendency to do quite theatrical concerts. It’s important to make them feel like a special event.

“We’re bringing something which is really a very electronic style of music into the ROH feels like we’ve got a great contrast.”

Tennant and Lowe met at a hi-fi shop in London where they discovered a mutual love of electronic music, which led to them writing together.

They are listed as the most successful duo in UK music history by the The Guinness Book of Records after selling more than 50 million records worldwide.

Super is released on April 1.

Tickets for the shows on July 20-23 are on sale now from www.roh.org.uk/psb.