Pervert led double life as happy father

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A DETECTIVE today described how a dangerous sexual predator, who abused young boys and boasted about burying bodies at a Lancashire beauty spot, led a double life as a happily married man.

Jay Stewart, 54, plied his young victims with booze and drugs before sexually assaulting them – and even threatened one boy he would kill him if he revealed his dark secret.

Stewart, of Bibby Drive, Staining, was found guilty of 27 charges – including the rape of two boys – following a three-week trial at Preston Crown Court.

Det Sgt Neil Fowler, of Blackpool Police’s Awaken team, said: “Stewart led a double life – at some stage he has had a wife and he has led a family life but he has abused young boys over a period of time.

“He used his family image as a means to purport to be a happily married man, gaining contact with young lads who he has abused.

“He is a dangerous individual, giving no thought to the psychological and physical damage he has done to these young lads.”

The offences, which spanned over more than a decade and date back to 1999, were finally uncovered in 2010 when police received information about one of his victims.

Stewart, who has a son and previously worked as a chef at the Pleasure Beach, denied a total of 37 charges.

He was found not guilty of 10 of the charges, which included one allegation of raping a third boy.

But he and Adam Patfield, 23, of Enfield Road, Blackpool, were found guilty of intimidating one of the males by threatening to kill him if he went to the police.

The pair were said to have spoken of having killed in the past – and buried bodies at Beacon Fell.

Stewart, who was previously known as John Stuart McGowan, preyed on four vulnerable boys aged between nine and 13.

He befriended the youngsters’ families and then offered to let the boys stay over at his Staining home.

Det Sgt Fowler added: “There was contact with the families of these children who allowed them to stop over unbeknownst to them what was really going on. He created opportunities to commit the offences. These children were abused over a period of time. It happened regularly.

“Without a shadow of doubt he has put them through it all again.

“He has never made admissions and they have had to go through it all at trial.

“The officers in the case have spoken to all of the victims to put their minds at rest following the outcome of the trial.

“They are all relieved, in respect of Stewart, this ordeal is over.”

Police today appealed for victims of abuse to come forward.

Det Sgt Fowler added: “If anyone has been a victim of child abuse they can contact us and we will offer them support.”

Stewart, who has been warned he faces a long prison term, will be sentenced at Burnley Crown Court on March 7.