Pervert banned from town parks

Behind bars: Naughton Milner who has also been banned from all parks and cemeteries
Behind bars: Naughton Milner who has also been banned from all parks and cemeteries
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A man who was spotted performing a sex act in public has been banned from cemeteries and parks indefinitely.

Naughton Milner was jailed for eight months after being caught in a cemetery.

Jailing him, Judge Graham Knowles told Milner: “This was truly an outrage of public decency.

“There was a breach of respect for the dead, a breach of respect for the relatives of the dead and a breach of all sexual constraints that ought to operate in the protection of the public and children”.

Preston Crown Court was told Milner was seen listening to and watching children on the other side of a hedge at the cemetery.

He had a sexual interest in those children, but had not tried to get their attention, the judge accepted.

The ban, imposed under the Protection from Harassment Act, also bars him from entering any grave yard or church yard, except for attending a burial, a service, or to visit a relative’s grave.

He is also barred form public parks.

The judge said that Milner had told a probation officer he spent time relaxing in cemeteries.

The 35-year-old of Ribble Road, Blackpool pleaded guilty to an offence of outraging public decency and a later offence of having an offensive weapon, a half brick in a separate incident while on bail.

He was given six months jail for the first offence, with two months on top for the second.

The court heard that a couple were walking their dog at about 7pm on September 7, 2012, when they noticed a male “messing around in hedges” and looking like he was pulling his trousers up.

David Traynor, prosecuting, said the couple were aware of press reports about a man exposing themselves in that area.

They thought he fitted the description and therefore kept an eye on him.

Milner was described as acting strangely, looking around. He started to duck down and at one point, tried to hide behind a bin. He then quickly walked off to another area.

Mr Traynor added: “They thought he was aware they were watching, but seemed intent on what he was doing.

“On the other side of the fence, children could be heard playing”.

Milner was peering through gaps and walking up and down the hedgeline. The woman went to phone the police. The man went on to see the defendant start performing a sex act behind the hedge.

Police arrested Milner at the scene.

He went on to tell officers he had spent all his money in a betting shop and was trying to clear his head by spending time in the cemetery.

He spoke of trying to find a tree which he and his girlfriend had carved their initials.

He was on bail over that incident when the second one happened on June 5.

Milner had been in the 
Litten Tree pub, on Queen Street in Blackpool.

A dispute happened between two groups of people

Two males came together and a female suffered a blow to her face.

Members of staff separated them.

The incident started up again outside.

Milner armed himself with a brick and started brandishing it.

Julie Taylor, defending, said the defendant, who had in the past been diagnosed as having a personality disorder, had had significant problems in his life.

He had been troubled with mental illness, had been an alcoholic and had tried to take his own life more than 

“He is a very troubled person, but not so troubled or so entrenched in his ways and 
behaviour that he doesn’t recognise he needs help”, said Miss Taylor.