Persistant beggar slapped with court order

Gavel and scales
Gavel and scales
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A man who continually demands money and food from passers-by has been given an official “beggar off” order by a judge.

Colin Clapp, 30, is among a select few who has been slapped with a Criminal Behaviour Order as Blackpool Council tries to clean up the town’s image.

Clapp’s order will last for two years.

It forbids him from entering a designated no go area in the town centre apart from pre booked appointments at official buildings, treatment centres and his solicitors.

He must not ask people who he does not know for money or food in the whole of Blackpool. And, he must not remain in shop doorways for the purpose of begging.

The application for the order was requested by Blackpool Council prosecutor Victoria Cartmell before District Judge Jeff Brailsford sitting at the town’s magistrates’ court.

At the same hearing Clapp admitted seven offences of begging and three offences of breaking a community protection notice designed to halt his activities.

The prosecutor told the court that Clapp had been seen asking for money, food and cigarettes in the town centre and had been spotted following women making repeated demands for cash.

His was also seen begging outside the Town Hall, on the Comedy Carpet and other central streets.

Miss Cartmell added:”The order we are asking for is the new form of ASBO. This man has been seen walking with old ladies around a Morrisons outlet asking them to buy him food. He does have a drug habit.”

Gary McAnulty, defending, said that his client had been shown the terms of the order and accepted them. The judge told Clapp: “This is a very serious order you would do well to comply with it.”