Permit scheme to ease parking woes

Coun Derek Robertson in Osborne Road
Coun Derek Robertson in Osborne Road
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Restrictions are set to be introduced in parts of South Shore in a bid to ease parking congestion.

Town hall chiefs have agreed to adopt residents-only parking in streets including Osborne Road, Withnall Road, Brighton Avenue and Windsor Avenue.

The area will become one permit parking zone.

It is also proposed to make Osborne Road ‘access only’ to prevent it being used as a rat run by drivers trying to reach the Promenade.

Councillors have been battling for several years to have restrictions introduced because residents cannot park near their homes due to the number of visitors and workers from nearby businesses who take up spaces.

Waterloo councillor Derek Robertson said: “After a seven year battle I am delighted the council has finally agreed to introduce residents’ permit parking on some of the most congested streets in South Shore.

“Coun O’Hara and I met with one of the council traffic officers last week and we shared both the residents and our views in regard to the problems with street parking in this area.

“I am delighted to report the officers have agreed with our observations and will now start the process of introducing a permit parking scheme.

“People living in this area often have to park a considerable distance from their properties due to the many non-residents taking up the limited street parking.

“When this scheme is introduced it will make a huge difference to the lives of those living in the area and also help maintain property prices as residents ‘ access is improved.

“It’s been a long time coming but I am pleased our combined efforts have finally paid off.”

Fellow Waterloo councillor David O’Hara said: “When it gets to the height of the summer season, those people who don’t want to pay for parking block the streets in South Shore to the frustration of the residents.

“We are also going to put restrictions on Osborne Road to make it access only.

“At the moment drivers are going down there at excessive speed and using it as a short cut to get to the Prom, when they should be using Station Road instead.”

Residents have already been consulted on the issue, with 75 per cent saying they wanted some kind of permit introduced.

The next step will be to advertise the proposals and put the signage in place.

Coun Robertson added: “It will probably take about a year to come into force.

“But it does make sense and there is plenty of alternative parking in the area for visitors, such as the South Beach car parks.”

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