Permit call to end snarl-ups

14/4/2010.Bill Johnson.'Poulton le Fylde station (possible closures due to platform works)
14/4/2010.Bill Johnson.'Poulton le Fylde station (possible closures due to platform works)
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Resident parking permits should be introduced across a Wyre town in a bid to eradicate a growing congestion nightmare, leading councillors said today.

Poulton county councillor Alf Clempson is leading calls to bring in the scheme to stop people blocking streets and leaving no space for others as they park their cars before catching a train to work or go shopping in the town.

Coun Clempson has 
received a number of complaints about cars being dumped by commuters from residents in Derby Road and Lockwood Avenue, and his calls are being supported by Coun Peter Gibson, leader of Wyre Council.

Coun Clempson said: “Poulton is the only railway station in Wyre, and has many challenges in regard to 

“The worst area is Derby Road, because commuters 
obstruct the road and that causes a lot of inconvenience, and it could block access for emergency vehicles. I want to work towards residents parking. However, it’s not high on Lancashire County Council’s list of priorities, but I’m doing everything I can.

“It’s a major issue, but I do think it will be helped slightly when Booths open their store and offer three-hour free parking.

“I want residents parking because, if I was to tackle the Derby Road problem, it would probably only go somewhere else.”

Coun Peter Gibson echoed the calls. He added: “I’ve been pushing for this for some time.

“It’s up to the county council because they are in charge of on-road parking, but we certainly do think it would be a good idea for Derby Road and the surrounding area.

“People do come and park there for some time, even if they are going on holiday, and it’s very inconvenient for 

“We had a petition a couple of years ago but Lancashire County Council has strict guidelines on what’s possible, and if they are 
willing to change those, we could do something.

“I would certainly welcome it. We are seeing more people use the civic centre car park because they come early in the morning and walk to the train station, which is fine, but it still affects Derby Road and Lockwood Avenue.”

But Sim Lane-Dixon, highways manager for Wyre, said it would be next year before such a scheme could be considered. He added: “We have no plans to introduce resident-only parking schemes in Poulton-le-Fylde, or any part of Wyre this financial year.

“Any proposed scheme would have to be considered and prioritised alongside 
other requests for highway improvements and maintenance work in Wyre for the 2015/16 financial year.”