‘Perfectionist’ mum’s tragic note to family

Nicola Worrall
Nicola Worrall
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A mother and former primary school teacher took her own life after her “perfectionist” nature left her struggling to cope, an inquest heard.

Nicola Worrall, 32, was so conscientious she quit her job as a teacher due to stress, Fleetwood Coroners Court was told.

The mother - who had been diagnosed with bipolar disease - was found dead at her flat in Poulton on December 11, 2013, after making notes on how to commit suicide.

The hearing was told Mrs Worrall, educated at Nottingham University, had suffered with anorexia as a teen, following her mother’s death which she took “quite deeply”.

Her father said: “She was very close to her mother.

“She probably hid it quite well really but it did affect her quite deeply.”

After graduating she got a job as a teacher but found the pressure too much and left, later taking a job in health training in the NHS.

She met her future partner in her late teens and they married in 2006, and their son was born in 2011. She almost immediately became unwell again, was treated at Wythenshawe Hospital and later admitted to Parkwood Mental Health Unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Her mental health “fluctuating”, she was discharged to live under her father’s care and later moved to her own flat, just half a mile away in Poulton.

He told the inquest: “Very occasionally, sometimes she would be very low but we thought we could convince her there was still a positive future for her.

“She didn’t give any indication that she would take her life.

“It was one of the things that was in the back of your mind but not an immediate threat.”

She returned to work and was enjoying her job but mental health nurses told how they had worked with her to identify triggers of health problems, the inquest heard.

Community psychiatric nurse Wendy O’Connell said: “She was enjoying being back at work and she was glad that she was achieving things again.

“She started to have worries about work, feeling that she wasn’t doing her job properly.

“But she always said to me that she would never do anything to harm herself because she would never do that to her dad and family.”

Mrs O’Connell said Mrs Worrall had a planned appointment with the team on December 11 but received a phone call from a worried colleague who hadn’t been able to contact her.

She then contacted Mrs Worrall’s father and she, together with his wife, entered Nicola’s flat where Mrs O’Connell found her body.

A notepad open on her bed with detailed handwritten notes about how to hang herself was found by police.

A note addressed to her family was found later.

Coroner Alan Wilson concluded Mrs Worrall took her own life.

He said: “Clearly Nicola has had a troubled life as far as her health was concerned, starting I’m sure with the death of her mother when she was only 13.

“Things were spiralling downwards it would seem, until she was found at the flat.

“While it clearly came as a shock it was not the greatest surprise.”