Pepper-spray man had disinfectant

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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A man was described as closing his eyes and appearing to drink the aerosol contents when police were forced to pepper-spray him.

Doctor Robinson had threatened to have his children abducted and then appeared outside his former girlfriend’s address carrying bottles of tomato feed and Jeyes disinfectant.

Police, who had no idea what might be in the bottles, sprayed Robinson when he refused officers’ requests to drop the containers.

Robinson, 40, of Westfield Avenue, Poulton, pleaded guilty to breach of the peace.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said Robinson and his partner split-up and for a short time she would not let him see the children in April.

On August 2, at 1.30am, Robinson called his ex demanding she bring them to his home.

He then threatened he would have someone come round to her address, take the children and she would never see them again. He added that if she brought anyone with her to his home he would hit them with his ladders.

Police went to Robinson’s home and warned him about his behaviour. Robinson then started calling his ex non-stop, before going to her address and being pepper-sprayed by police.

Suzanne Mugford, defending, said her client, who had mental health issues, took a vast amount of medication, some of which affected his mood.

He had now spoken to his doctor and social worker in an attempt to get his medication changed.

Robinson was bound over in the sum of £200 for 18 months by Blackpool magistrates.