"You could have killed him": Blackpool teenager knocked unconscious and breaks jaw in three places after unprovoked punch to the back of his head

A Blackpool teenager who was punched in the back of the head broke his jaw in three places after being knocked unconscious.

Thursday, 8th August 2019, 12:33 pm
Harry Trask, 19, was punched in the back of the head in Queen's Street.
Harry Trask, 19, was punched in the back of the head in Queen's Street.

Harry Trask, of Devonshire Road, North Shore, was walking home from work in Talbot Square at 4:15am on Tuesday when he was attacked without warning on Queen Street in Blackpool town centre.

"Someone has run up behind him and punched him in the back of the head," said Jody Sutton, Harry's mother, "he was knocked out, his teeth were smashed, he broke his jaw in three places".

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Harry Trask, 19, was punched in the back of the head in Queen's Street.

Harry, who works as a barman at Home & HQ in Talbot Square, was rushed to the Royal Preston Hospital by ambulance, where his family joined him.

Jody, 40, also of Devonshire Road, said: "We didn't know what had happened, we literally just got in a taxi and headed straight there.

"We didn't know how serious it was until we spoke to the doctor.

"He told us Harry could have died," she added.

Harry, who had just celebrated his 19th birthday, was knocked out by the punch.

The teenager, who is 6'5", was knocked out by the punch and fell face-first onto the pavement, leaving a deep wound under his chin.

"It looks like he has swallowed a ball," said Jody.

Harry, who had planned to join the army, underwent surgery on his jaw on Wednesday morning.

Doctors spent four hours wiring his jaw shut, and inserted metal plates to help reinforce it.

Harry broke his jaw in three places and got a deep would across his chin.

"The surgery went well," said Jody, "he's very sore and swollen but doing well".

Harry was discharged from hospital this morning, but still faces months of recovery.

"He can't eat solid food for eight weeks, and the swelling in his face could take six months to heal," said Jody.

"I am angry that someone thinks they can do something like this and not face consequences. They need to realise how dangerous this is".

Harry's mum, Jody, says doctors told her it would take him months to recover.

Blackpool police confirmed that they were investigating Harry's assault.

Now his family fear the injuries could disqualify him from joining the army.

"He had epilepsy as a boy which stopped him from joining," said Jody, "but he recovered and was planning to apply.

"We were literally about to send off the papers when this happened".

Harry had wanted to join the army, but may no longer be able to.
On Wednesday, surgeons operated on harry's jaw, wiring it shut and inserting metal plates.