The worst places in Blackpool for fly-tipping have been revealed

The Gazette has obtained figures showing the worst streets in Blackpool for fly-tipping so far this year.

Friday, 21st June 2019, 5:43 pm
Dickson Road had 26 reports of fly-tipping in 2018/19.

The statistics, compiled by the council, were released following a request made under freedom of information laws.

Francis Street. 25 reports.
Devonshire Road. 23 reports.

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Charles Street. 16 reports.
Highfield Road. 22 reports.
Central Drive. 21 reports.
Platt Street. 18 reports.
Lytham Road. 17 reports.
Caunce Street. 22 reports.
Palatine Road. 16 reports.
Peter Street. 16 reports.
Milbourne Street. 15 reports.
Handsworth Road. 15 reports.
Park Road. 15 reports.
Richmond Road. 15 reports.
Westmorland Avenue. 15 reports.