‘We should fine idiots like this’ - Your reaction to warnings over ‘tombstoning’ on North Pier

A drunken man who jumped into the sea from Blackpool’s North Pier sparked a safety warning from Coastguard officers who said the stunt could have been fatal.

Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 12:17 pm
North Pier

Lytham Coastguard was called to the incident on Saturday (August 3) afternoon but the man was able to swim ashore safely, a spokesman said.The service received reports of an “intoxicated male” jumping from the historic pier. He was given safety advice before being left with his friends on the beach.

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Warning over 'tombstoning' after drunk man jumps from North Pier in Blackpool

We asked for your views on our Facebook page and here are a selection of them.

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North Pier

It’s drunken acts like these that our volunteer RNLI have to drop everything and attend to drunken idiots.

Todd Codling

Maybe they should fine idiots like this and the RNLI receive the money

Pug Hog Towers

They do fine them I’m sure.. A guy recently jumped off central pier and he had to pay for the air ambulance fee and wasting their time, he had to pay £1,000 without the air ambulance fee.

Chloe Berry

Is this a new craze cause it’s wasting resources on our much needed help for those who really need it.

Francesca Hamilton-Jones

Tombstoning has been going on for ages. “It won’t happen to me”.... why take the chance?

Nikki Sanderson

It’s a shame people are going out leaving their families to risk their lives to save people who aren’t worth saving

Jen Burton

It’s not a new craze but it “is crazy” - some people don’t appreciate the tidal reaches of our beaches - it might be safe one hour but the next, way too shallow. With rivers it is dependant on how much rain there has been - so many hidden hazards, so just don’t do it! Go and find a local pool and dive safely.

Lorna Holden

Happened to the lemmings so let nature take its course

James Shaw

If they are daft enough let em get on with it!! Natural selection, I call it!!

Garry Paul Campbell

I was on North Pier yesterday and seen this drunken idiot jump off no sympathy at all right in front of me and my daughter

Mark Steven Hindley

Got zero sympathy for fools like that, let’s call it 21st century natural selection

Robert Fletcher

There are a lot of comments here about the fact that we should allow people to get on with it and injure themselves or worse. However, it isn’t just about them, is it? The emergency services/RNLI have to get involved here and then they are put at risk too - or they spend time on people like this, who have CHOSEN to get into trouble...and they may be unable to attend another, more worthwhile incident. Throw the book at them, is what I say.

Helen Dempster