WATCH: Take Me Into Your Loving Arms.... the moment Ed Sheeran joined in a couple's engagement celebrations

Brian Reid and Emma Cairns got engaged at an Ed Sheeran gig
Brian Reid and Emma Cairns got engaged at an Ed Sheeran gig
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When supermarket worker Brian Reid decided to pop the question to his girlfriend to one of the couple’s favourite songs little did he know superstar Ed Sheeran would be among the first to offer congratulations.

Brian, 25, decided he was going to ask for Emma Cairns hand in marriage during Ed’s Manchester concert on Sunday night.

Emma's face when Brian went down on one knee

Emma's face when Brian went down on one knee

And the couple’s big moment proved almost as much as a crowd pleaser as the singer-songwriter’s show.

Brian, who works at Morrisons in South Shore, said: “We’d been desperate to see Ed Sheeran.

“I didn’t initially get the tickets and ended up paying about three times the price through another website.

“But after Saturday it was all worth it.”

Hospital worker Emma, 22, had no idea of Brian’s intentions when the couple set off for the gig.

In fact her boyfriend, now fiance, had been secretly plotting, picking the perfect moment to go down on one knee.

Brian said: “It was something I was planning for more than a month.

“We went to the concern and I was waiting for Ed to start playing Thinking Out Loud.

“I’d had a word with the guy next to us and told him what I was going to do.

“I wanted him to start filming and get it on camera.

“When I did it all the block around us starting cheering, everyone was turning round, taking their own pictures.

“It was crazy.”

But the best was yet to come as word reached the stage about what had happened.

Brian said: “All of a sudden Ed Sheeran was congratulating us.

“It was just surreal, it was an amazing moment.”

Ed, who has dominated the British music scene since the release of new album Divide, was caught on video adding his excitement to the mix.

The singer said: “I think two people up there just got engaged.

“Congratulations guys!”

Brian and Emma, who have a baby son Ethan and live with Emma’s mum in Henry Street, are now looking forward to planning their wedding.

But they will always be able to remember the moment they got engaged, thanks to videos from their fellow concert goers.

Brian said; “We’ve got the video of the moment and other people since then have got in touch to say they got it on their phones too.

“I think the whole block got involved.

“It was just one of those amazing moments.”