VIDEO: Protesters remain at Marton pig farm after three pigs set loose and one quarantined

Vegan activists who entered a Marton farm this morning in protest of what they called 'the unnecessary exploitation and deaths of farm animals' have vowed to continue their fight.

Monday, 8th July 2019, 5:29 pm
Meat The Victims protesters

An action group from 'Meat The Victims' arrived at Moss Rose Piggeries off Dickies Lane to stage a peaceful protest after they say a covert investigation revealed possible violations of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Red Tractor rules.

Around half of the group of protesters are currently picketing outside the farm, while others have entered a barn on the property. Three pigs were removed from the barn and checked by a vet, and another has been quarantined.

Police have sent protest liaison officers to the scene.

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Meat The Victims protesters

Protester Chris Hines said: "There are individuals inside that are covered in their own faeces, individuals with painful prolapses, there's a cockroach infestation inside. The place is just unsanitary, it's unhygienic and it's quite frankly cruel.

"We're here today to expose that to the public, to make people aware of the reality of animal farming. It isn't just places like this, it's everywhere. You can't just exploit and kill another living being kindly, and it's something people have got to realise."

Farmer Wayne Baguley said the farm had been inspected three times by DEFRA, Red Tractor and those they supply to since Meat The Victims' own investigation, and that the only issue that was raised was two blocked water drinkers, which were fixed.

Mr Baguley said: "They have got three pigs out, and they are now here with me outside. There is nothing wrong with these pigs whatsoever. One pig is slightly lame and the vet has given it a score of two out of 10 (low concern).

"One had a prolapse. That was segregated on its own as protocol. That pig has had antibiotic medication and a painkiller."