Two young boys rescued after falling into sea off Blackpool Promenade

Picture by David Wilkes
Picture by David Wilkes
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A pair of young boys who got into trouble off Blackpool Promenade were rescued with the help of a fisherman who ran to their aid.

The incident happened at around 11.50am yesterday.

Picture by David Wilkes

Picture by David Wilkes

One witness, David Wilkes, said he saw the two young boys attempting to retrieve a ball from the sea while perched on the slippery slope off the Prom near Pleasant Street, North Shore.

He said: "One of the boys subsequently lost his footing and fell into the sea. The boy’s friend/brother was screaming for help.

"I ran to the nearest life (ring) and returned to the scene. A fisherman ran to the boys aid at lower sea level and kept one boy safe whilst the other remained stationary in the sea, unable to move. The boy appeared frightened and wasn't listening to instructions.

"The life (ring) was thrown by myself into the sea. After the third attempt the boy grabbed the lifebuoy and with assistance we pulled him from the sea. Approximately five minutes later the coastguard arrived, then another and another."

Picture by David Wilkes

Picture by David Wilkes

A net was lowered down the apron of the Promenade by members of Blackpool Beach Patrol and the two children and fisherman were brought to safety.

A coastguard spokesman said: "The initial report was from a beahc lifeguard that three persons were in difficulties. They had managed to get from the water and back ontp the concrete apron under the Prom, but it was about a 10ft drop from the Prom and they were stranded. The tide was fully in.

"We luckily had Lytham St Annes and Fleetwood coastguard rescue teams out on patrol, so they were immediately diverted to the area to assist the Blackpool Beach Patrol.

"The guards had a scramble net that they lowered over the side, and they managed to assist the three people back onto the Prom.

"They were all assessed by the coastguard teams and they suffered only minor cuts and grazes. There was no medical attention required."