Travellers move on from AKS site after prompting school closure

Police at AKS on Monday
Police at AKS on Monday
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A Fylde school is set to reopen on Tuesday after travellers setting up camp there forced it to close for a day.

Police confirmed the group had voluntarily moved on from AKS Lytham, which had to turn pupils away on Monday after an estimated six vehicles turned up on one of its fields at some stage on Sunday.

The travellers leaving AKS on Monday afternoon

The travellers leaving AKS on Monday afternoon

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School officials decided shortly after 9am on Monday that the school day couldn't go ahead on safety group and officials there worked throughout Monday with police and Fylde Council to ensure the departure of the group, which came around 3.30pm.

Officers said they were initially contacted on Sunday to reports that a number of travellers and vehicles were on the premises of the independent school on the St Annes-Fairhaven border and that following consultation today with both the school and the travellers themselves the group had agreed to leave the site voluntarily under police escort.

The site was then secured to allow the school and Fylde Council to clear up the grounds.

Chief Inspector Chris Hardy, of West Police, said: “We understand the concern that this incident has caused and I hope that the swift action we have taken today will go some way to reassure people that we will do all we can to resolve these issues.

“I would like to remind people that we generally have good relationships with the travelling community and the level of disruption caused to the site is not reflective of the behaviour of the majority of travellers.”

AKS, which closes on Friday for the summer break, said in a statement sent out to parents on Monday: "Following the school closure on Monday, I would like to thank you for your patience and support.

"I'm pleased to say that the situation has now been resolved and the school will be open as usual tomorrow."