Three people cut off by tide on Fleetwood beach

Picture by HM Coastguard Fleetwood
Picture by HM Coastguard Fleetwood
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Three people were cut off at Fleetwood beach and had to swim to safety before being helped by the Coastguard and RNLI.

A rescue officer from HM Coastguard Fleetwood was cycling on Fleetwood Esplanade at 2.10pm yesterday when he spotted the three people about to be cut off by the incoming tide.

A Coastguard spokesman said: "Now, being the sort of chap he his, and just like all the other Coastguard rescue officers around the country, never off duty, he was quickly in touch with our Coastguard operations centre In Holyhead.

"Our man on the scene co-ordinated a rescue operation using his mobile phone, talking to RNLI Fleetwood as they made their way to the scene, as well as the emergency responders from HM Coastguard Fleetwood.

"As we arrived on scene, the casualties where swimming through the gullies to be recovered by Coastguard officers, who made sure that all was well and no one needed medical attention."

HM Coastguard Lytham also attended the incident.