Three kittens need new homes after spending seven days under freshly-laid floorboards

Three wily kittens had to be rescued by a Blackpool pet charity after getting trapped under some freshly-laid floorboards.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 3:45 pm

Eddie, Elf and Erin spent seven days hiding under the floor of a house in Daggers Hall Lane after squeezing their way in while building work went on there.

They were retreived by volunteers from local rescue group Homeward Bound and now, two weeks later, they are looking for their 'forever homes'.

Homeward Bound founder Wendy Mulela said: "The cats were bred accidentally, and had been taken into foster care by another woman. It just happened she had her floor re-done and the builders left a small hole, and because (the cats) haven't been socialised very well, they ran into the hole, under the floor, and there they stayed.

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"They were coming out for food at night time. Two of them we managed to catch, and we had to set a trap for the third one.

"The woman was very worried about having to dig the floor up because she had just had it laid out. It was a big job, so it would have caused quite a bit of damage."

The three kittens were treated for fleas and worms, but were otherwise found to be in good health, and will be neutered by Homeward Bound before going to their new homes.

Wendy said: "They are quite timid and they do need some socialigin. The tortie female is probably the most outgoing of the thre. The two boys are more shy.


"They will make pet cat - they're not feral, you can handle them, but they are very shy and they do like to go and hide in places. But with a bit of work with an understanding owner they will make nice pets."

She added that Eddie, Elf and Erin cannot be rehomed into families with young children, as it cannot be guaranteed that they won't scratch when they feel nervous or threatened.

Anyone who wants to adopt one of the cats is asked to fill in the application form on the Homeward Bound cat rescue Facebook page.