Thornton community troubled by potential disturbance of wildlife

A group of Thornton residents were angered to see the felling of trees in the much-loved garden of a property on Hillylaid Road.

Monday, 5th August 2019, 6:13 pm
Still from Facebook video of the tree felling.

The trees were felled on Saturday, concerning neighbours about the wildlife that may inhabit the trees, including nesting birds and bats.

In the UK, all bat species, their resting places and their habitats are protected by law. Wild birds are also protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, with the destruction of their nests a criminal offence.

The community living around Hillylaid Road were distressed at the removal of the trees, and worried that there was too much disregard for green space in the area.

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Speaking online, Iain Rawson said: "There were some rare trees there, I guessed this would happen soon. It was a wildlife haven gone forever."

Terry Robinson said: "Sadly this scenario is happening every day all over the UK, our wildlife is being sacrificed for the purpose of making money."

Residents had initially also showed concern about the status of the trees, and whether they were in fact subject to a tree protection order from Wyre council.

A spokesman for Wyre council said: "The trees in question are not covered by a tree preservation order. However, we are making enquiries with the landowner to make sure that they checked the trees for wildlife before carrying out their work. We are continuing to investigate the situation.”

The council also said that the property had been purchased by a new owner, who had carried out the works privately.