These are the pets that are still looking for a new home in Blackpool

Could you give a home to any of these animals that are currently in the care of Blackpool and North Lancashire RSPCA?

Friday, 8th March 2019, 1:05 pm
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 2:08 pm
These are the 20 pets that are still looking for a new home in Blackpool
These are the 20 pets that are still looking for a new home in Blackpool

From dogs and cats, to rabbits and guinea pigs, if you can offer a home to any of these animals call the RSPCA on 01253 703000 or visit the centre in Old Toms Lane, Poulton-le-Fylde, Stalmine FY6 0JR. You can read more about all the pets featured on this page here

Shortbread and Parsnip are both friendly Guinea Pigs and need an owner who will invest time in them, making sure they receive lots of human interaction and handling as they can be a little skitty at times.
Peanut was found as a stray and is looking for a new home with a neutered female bunny to provide companionship. He is fine being stroked but much prefers all four paws on the floor.

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Brody was quite nervous when found as an injured stray by a member of the public. He has since settled but can be temperamental. An experienced, confident and understanding cat owner is recommended.
Meet Aladdin who is believed to be the Dad and 2 young males called Blake and Blaze, who have been abandoned by their previous owner. As they are so quick when being handled they're not suitable for young children.
The centre are looking for a special home with experienced and confident owners for Shadow who was picked up as a heavily pregnant stray, giving birth to three kittens shortly after arriving.
Tess is a friendly and excitable lady who loves to be the centre of attention. The centre feel she is better suited to a single dog household where she can receive all the love and attention.
Freddie was brought into the centre after spending some time as a stray. He was thin and suffering from fur loss which is believed to be due to over grooming. His fur is growing back slowly.
The centre would like to rehome the mice as either a pair/trio or as a group of five. It is essential that they are placed in a secure glass tank to avoid any escapes and have plenty of enrichment to keep them entertained.
Friendly Guinea Pigs Tiny Tim and Teddy are looking for a new home after their owner could no longer care for them. As they are a bonded pair, the centre would like the boys to be rehomed together.
Sassy female Moana is looking for a new home after being abandoned in a property by her previous owner. She is an independent lady but will ask for attention on her terms.
The centre have a number of Degus of varying ages and sexes on the lookout for new homes. Can you help?
Tarn is extremely sweet and thrives in the company of people but can become anxious when left alone. The centre believe she would be better suited to a home where she would only be left for short periods of time.
Hopper is a very friendly rabbit who has a confident nature. He is fine being handled and enjoys being groomed.
This loving sister duo are looking for their forever home together after the death of their owner. Sarah is the more confident chatty sister who absolutely loves human attention while her sister Daisy is the quieter one.
Martyn and Buddy are both friendly Guinea Pigs who can be a little nervous at times around people so are looking for a dedicated owner who will spend time building up their confidence.
Evie will need someone who has the patience and time to get to know her and she would do better in a quiet and calm home without children.
Dasher is fine being stroked and picked up but would benefit from further handling and socialisation. He would need a large double tier hutch and a large attached run.
Ria has a very cheeky and inquisitive nature, but isnt keen on being picked up. She does however enjoy being stroked. The centre would like to rehome her alongside a neutered male bunny to provide companionship.
Toby is a friendly rabbit who enjoys sitting on your knee and being stroked. Toby will need a large double tier hutch and a large attached run.
Chestnut is a friendly and sociable Guinea Pig who is fine being handled and enjoys sitting on your knee.