South Shore Post Office closes suddenly

Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden and Waterloo ward Councillor David OHara outside the closed Waterloo Road Post Office
Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden and Waterloo ward Councillor David OHara outside the closed Waterloo Road Post Office
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The Post Office in South Shore has closed its doors - cutting off what has been described as 'a lifeline' for residents.

The sudden closure of the Post Office and cash point on Waterloo Road has prompted the creation of a petition calling on national management to remain in the area.

The cash point, which is now out of money, is the only free one on the road.

Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden, who says he was contacted about the closure by local small business owners, and ward councillor David O'Hara said: “We are very concerned at the immediate closure of Waterloo Road Post Office and how it has been handled. A number of shop owners, traders in the New Market said local shoppers use the post office regularly for accessing parcels, paying bills, collecting their pension and the other services they provide.

“We are particularly worried to hear the cash point has been empty now for a number of days. I will be demanding assurances from the post office management that the cash point is filled with cash and remains accessible for people to use. Easy and free access to cash is crucial for shoppers across the area – not just for the day to day running of the businesses (many of whom don’t have chip and pin available), but also for people wanting to shop locally. If they don’t have this access, post office counters will be doing real damage locally to the heart of our local community.

“The sudden closure will have a huge detrimental impact locally. That’s why we are working with traders and shoppers on the street to petition the post office bosses to keep the cash point and its facilities open. We have been told there is interest from some local people to take over the post office. The senior management now need to do everything they can to work with these people and make sure the post office services and cash point open once again."

Gordon added: “This is coming off the back of the temporary closure of Mereside which my Clifton ward councillors have been calling round with petitions for its reopening. But also the closure announcement about Marton Post Office at the other end of Waterloo Road. There seem to be a serious pattern developing with post office counters across Blackpool South closing. I will be challenging their senior management and the Government with the relevant minister to turn back this tide on disinvestment in our community.”

People can sign the petition in the new market, and copies will be distributed to shops on the road.