Robyn helps raise awareness of mental health issues

Robyn Moore
Robyn Moore
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A tennis club will be helping a woman reach her goal of hitting 200,000 tennis balls to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Tennis player Robyn Moore will be at Moorland Tennis Club on Monday, June 10, from 8am until 1pm, for a charity event as part of her Breakpoint 2019 challenge for Bright Ideas for Tennis.

There will also be competitions, raffle, refreshments, cardio tennis and drills.

Funds raised will help expand the I Play 30 disability tennis programme operated by Bright Ideas for Tennis, allowing people with disabilities to play tennis for free.

The venue is just one of 46 sites across the country where Robyn will attend. Her final shot will be at the AELTC Community Sports ground, Wimbledon.

Robyn, who suffers from PTSD, said: “Throughout June, I will be embarking on a monumental tennis challenge to raise awareness of mental health support.

“Playing for eight to 10 hours a day, on every day in June, I will hit 200,000 shots, sending the ball travelling a total distance of 5m metres. There are five million people in the UK who have suffered or are suffering with mental health and I intend to hit a tennis ball for every one of them.”

School children will visit the club based on The Eagles in the morning, then from 11am until noon there will be free adult play with cardio tennis and drills with a coach followed by an hour of free adult social play.

Sue White, Moorland secretary, said: “We would like to raise funds for this charity and make people aware of the positive effect tennis can bring.”