REVEALED: We caught up with the man wowing Blackpool with his dancing

Peter Emelone has been dazzling Blackpool with his energetic dancing
Peter Emelone has been dazzling Blackpool with his energetic dancing
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The only way is Blackpool for this upbeat Essex dancer, who has been giving it large on the Promenade every day.

Self-proclaimed king of positivity Peter Emelone, who said ‘age is nothing but a number’ when asked how old he is, came to the resort two weeks ago, and has become a popular face in the town centre and on the Prom.

Videos of his energetic dancing have been uploaded to social media sites, with many people commenting on his slick moves.

And Peter told The Gazette this afternoon: “Everywhere I have travelled I have danced. I’ve been to Germany, Spain, Portugal and France.

“It’s just me. I get happy and I dance.

“I love seeing happy faces and I like putting smiles on people’s faces. I just want to spread some love.

“The more happy faces we get on the planet Earth, the better it is for everybody.

“I think Blackpool is a real diamond.”

Peter, who is also known by his stage name Peter D. Rock, said he would dance to any music - ‘as long as it’s positive’ – and has recently been busting a move to R&B singer Rihanna.

Patrick Bradley, of Tower Gifts, on Blackpool Promenade, said: “He’s been around here quite often. I’ve seen him probably four or five times since Tuesday. He just dances down the road and all the cars beep at him.

“He’s very colourful with his yellow shorts and vest and he’s got earphones in so he’s obviously listening to music and giving it large.

“When the cars are stopped at the lights he’ll be dancing and waving at everybody.”

Bernadette Woolhouse, who also works at Tower Gifts, said: “I think it’s great. Only in Blackpool!

“It’s all good fun. I was dancing to him across the road and he did it back. It’s getting everybody involved.”