Resilience Pathway: Here's what the 'Remember tomorrow is another day' paving stone means

The move for this week is ‘Remember tomorrow is another day’.

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 6:00 am
Josh Kania

This move encourages young people that no matter what has happened today they should stay hopeful and continue looking into the future.

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These are the stones that make up Blackpool's ‘Resilience Pathway on Talbot Road

“I guess we all know there are good days and not so good days in life, stuff happens all the time – arguments with loved ones, getting in trouble at school, bailiffs knocking on your door, feeling depressed or anxious.

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“I think it’s nice to be reminded that all the bad things are only temporary and it’s going to get better.”

“No matter what happens today, I know there is another day tomorrow. Every day is a fresh start with new opportunities and a chance for change. Knowing this gives me hope and that’s a very powerful thing to have.”

The 42 resilience moves, split into five key areas, are designed to build resilience and help improve the lives of people in Blackpool.

‘Remember tomorrow is another day’ falls under the key area of ‘coping’.

Find out what the young people have been up to this week by visiting the blog and discover more about our advice for ‘Remember tomorrow is another day’ at or find us on social @HSBlackpool.

The Resilience Framework was developed by Professor Angie Hart and her colleagues at Boingboing.

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