Resilience Pathway: Here's what the 'Money to Live' paving stone means

The Money to Live paving stone
The Money to Live paving stone
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We are well into week eight of the Resilience Pathway campaign, each week The Gazette has been uncovering the 42 resilience moves, designed to build resilience and help improve the lives of people in Blackpool.

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Represented through 42 paving stones leading from Dickson Road to the Promenade, the stones represent the 42 moves of our Resilience Framework, 42 steps designed to build resilience.

The moves are split into five key areas of Basic, Belonging, Learning, Coping and Core Self.

This week’s stepping stone is Money to Live.

We aren’t talking Kardashian money here, it’s just important that you and your family have enough money to live.

This means having a roof over your head, clothing and food to live a healthy life - a basic human right for anyone in our society.

Michaela Goodridge, parent/carer engagement lead at Blackpool HeadStart said there are organisations out there to help.

She said: “This move on the pathway has been developed to understand that for varied reasons some of us don’t have enough money to live.

“But remember, you’re not the only one and there are organisations that can help.”

Find out what the young people have been up to this week by visiting the blog and discover more about our advice for Money to Live.

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The Resilience Framework was developed by Professor Angie Hart and her colleagues at Boingboing, to find out more why not visit