Resilience Pathway: Here's what the 'Know and Understand Yourself' paving stone means

Diana Barker, a senior resilience coach at HeadStart
Diana Barker, a senior resilience coach at HeadStart
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The move on the Resilience Pathway for this week is ‘Know and Understand Yourself’.

This move encourages young people to get to know and understand themselves, as it makes it easier to follow steps to make changes or deal with life’s challenges.

Diana Barker, senior resilience coach at HeadStart, has spent a lot of time on self-care. She said: “By getting to know yourself you are able to understand your own needs and what makes you motivated, happy and unhappy.

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“By working out our likes and dislikes, what’s important to you and what isn’t, it helps you to manage your own life and create your own route through life’s ups and downs.

“Everyone is individual and has had different experiences, so your values and morals won’t always be the same as others.

“By understanding yourself and what you stand for, it helps you to make better decisions in all aspects of your life – this could be with friendships, in work or for your studies. It can help you set your own goals and achieve your ambitions, too.”

The 42 resilience moves are designed to build resilience and help improve the lives of people in Blackpool.

Find out what the young people have been up to this week by visiting the blog and discover more about our advice for ‘Know and Understand Yourself’ at or on social @HSBlackpool.

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