Resilience Pathway: Here's what the 'Focus on the good things in life - put your positivity glasses ' paving stone means

Ruby Spencer and Chantelle Abbott
Ruby Spencer and Chantelle Abbott
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It’s week two of the Resilience Pathway - have you spotted any pathway stones yet?

Represented through 42 paving stones leading from Dickson Road to the Promenade, are the 42 ‘moves’ of our Resilience framework designed to build resilience.

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The moves are split into five key areas of Basic, Belonging, Learning, Coping and Core Self.
This week’s stepping stone is ‘Focus on the good things in life - put on your positivity glasses’.
This move is part of helping us to cope when times get tough.
We know that life has its challenges, so putting on positivity glasses can help us to see our situations from a different angle – reminding us of the positive things in our lives, even in the most difficult of times.
Sometimes the positives are hard to see, this is when positivity glasses are needed the most.
Young People representative at Blackpool HeadStart, Josh Thompson, said: “Though life can be challenging, we should try and see the positives that can come from focusing on the good aspects of our life.
“Lots of young people will go through struggles and it’s so easy to become fixated on the negatives in our life.
“ Changing your mindset to remember the positive things has really helped to change my life!”
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