Poulton woman who is Miss Global England gains support from TOWIE and Love Island stars after she shares a make-up free selfie showing her acne

Ashleigh Wild make-up free
Ashleigh Wild make-up free
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After current Miss Global England Ashleigh Wild was messaged by a keyboard warrior earlier this year for her acne, she decided to share pictures of natural self in her Instagram Stories to show people they don’t need to bow down to high beauty expectations.

The post went viral and has gathered more than 12,000 likes on Instagram, with Love Island’s Amy Hart, Amber Turner and Georgia Kousoulou from TOWIE, sharing her post.

Ashleigh Wild with her make-up on

Ashleigh Wild with her make-up on

Ashleigh, 21, said: “I shared the picture after receiving a message off a troll to show there is a person behind all those followers who has their own insecurities and feelings. I also wanted to make it clear social media isn’t real life and people shouldn’t feel pressure to look or act a certain way because there is no ‘perfect’ person or life.

"I don’t normally bother about trolls but the message about my skin did get to me as I’ve suffered with it since being a young teenager and it getting progressively worse in the past 18 months.

“The support was overwhelming. I received hundreds of messages from people saying I had helped them because they suffer from acne and my post has given them confidence to open about their skin. I’ve also kept in touch with a lot of people about how my treatment is going and what is working best for me. I’m so glad that I’ve helped people, because that is all I ever want to do.”

Ashleigh, from Poulton, was crowned Miss Grand England in June, however, due to the international competition being held in crisis-ridden Venezuela, Team UK decided to withdraw.
She was then put forward to represent England at the international competition of Miss Global and will fly to Mexico in January next year for the international pageant.

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