Plea to Prom anglers after dog got discarded fish hook embedded in his tongue

Riki had a lucky escape
Riki had a lucky escape
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A pair of Blackpool councillors have issued a plea to Prom anglers after their dog was left ‘foaming at the mouth’ after nearly eating a discarded fishing hook.

Coun Danny Scott was walking his four-year-old dog Riki on the beach at Lower Promenade when the Chinese crested powder puff picked up a 4.5cm fishing hook on Wednesday.

The fish hook that was caught on Riki's tongue

The fish hook that was caught on Riki's tongue

He said: “As I brought (the dogs) off the beach I was busy putting the littlest dog on the lead. As I turned around to Riki he was pawing at his mouth. He must have seen some food and started to enjoy himself and got the hook embedded in his tongue. It looked horrendous. The poor dog was distressed. He was foaming at the mouth.”

Luckily for Riki, a passing man who had been litter-picking on the beach noticed the dog’s plight and offered to give Coun Scott to his Shaftesbury Avenue home, where he picked up the cash needed for vet treatment.

Riki was taken to Norcross Vets, and had to undergo general anaesthetic while vets removed the hook from his tongue.

Now Coun Scott and his wife, fellow Warbreck councillor Michele, have made a plea to Promenade fishermen to make sure no fish hooks are left behind.

Coun Michele Scott said: “We’re just asking for a bit of consideration of what the consequences could be. Riki had a lucky escape. Had he swallowed it I don’t think he would be with us today. It’s a minority leaving them but it’s not really acceptable. It’s dangerous.”

The Scotts will run for re-election with the Conservatives. Jake Adams and Desmond Harvey will represent Labour, and Kevan Benfold will represent the Lib Dems.