Picture shows the shameful way beach-goers left the sand after a glorious day of sun in Blackpool

This is how the beach was left on Sunday evening
This is how the beach was left on Sunday evening
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This picture, taken on the beach close to Central Pier, shows the shameful way people left it after enjoying a glorious day of sunshine.

Plastic waste, nappies, underwear, buckets and spades, babywipes, and food packets were left littering the Fylde coastline on Sunday evening.

A team of 35 people starting work at 5am meant it was quickly brought back up to scratch

A team of 35 people starting work at 5am meant it was quickly brought back up to scratch

It left council workers – a team of 35 starting at 5am – with the tough task of clearing mounds of rubbish that was dumped on the ground rather than being put in a bin.

Nearby bins were overflowing but those just a minute’s walk away were not, leaving tourists and families trying to enjoy a serene sunset dodging takeaway wrappers and empty drink cans instead.

Emma Whitlock from Fylde LOVEmyBEACH said: “It’s always disappointing to see the beach covered in litter after a sunny day, even though there are so many bins along the Promenade.

“If these are full, we would ask that you find another bin or take your little home. That way you can even recycle the plastic, cans, and glass.

“Now we’ve got the cleanest seas in 20 years, we need everyone to help keep both seas and beaches clean and free of litter.”

Campaign group Keep Britain Tidy called on visitors to take their detritus with them if bins reach capacity.

Chief executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: “On a gorgeous bank holiday thousands of us flock to our beaches and parks because they are beautiful, clean and great places to enjoy the sunshine with our families.

“But some people seem to think it is acceptable to walk away at the end of the day, leaving their rubbish behind and destroying the very beauty they went there to enjoy.

“It is not, neither can we use the excuse that ‘the bins were full’. If the bins are full, then you should take your rubbish home with you. You took it there, you take it away again.

“Those thoughtless people who leave their litter are damaging our environment for everyone.”

Coun Gillian Campbell, deputy leader of Blackpool Council, added: "Seeing pictures of litter on the beach is so disheartening. There is just no excuse for it to be discarded in this way.

“Along the Promenade there are 250 bins which were constantly being emptied over the weekend.

"At 5am each morning a team of 35 cleansing staff started work to ensure the town was immaculate and free of rubbish.

"Our staff work tirelessly to keep Blackpool clean so it’s a safe place for everyone to enjoy. Our Keep Blackpool Tidy campaign encourages everyone to do their bit and I’d like to thank everyone who has been responsible and disposed of their rubbish correctly.

“On occasion some of the bins will have been full but that isn’t the issue here. The litter left on the beach is by people that haven’t even bothered to make an effort to bag it up and find a bin.”