Paul hits the heights with epic glider flight

Paul Myers BAE Systems glider pilot
Paul Myers BAE Systems glider pilot
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A Fylde coast worker’s soaraway success has landed him with a top trophy for his gliding skills.

Paul Myers, a human resources manager at BAE Systems Warton, is to receive the honour for the best height gain of the year.

Paul Myers' Ventus glider

Paul Myers' Ventus glider

His epic flight made over the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland earned him the British Gliding Association De Havilland Trophy for 2014.

Paul, who started his gliding hobby at the age of 17 in 1975, was on holiday in the area which has some of the best conditions for gaining altitude with the non powered aircraft.

He said he was just expecting some spectacular views over the Aviemore area on the day and did not realise how high he would get.

He said during the flight he spotted characteristic lens shaped clouds which are the tell tale signs of extreme lift known as wave lift and rode the rising air along the front of the clouds in his Ventus aircraft eventually reaching a ceiling of 26,446 ft.

At that height the temperature outside was around minus 27 C and he was chilly in the cockpit wearing his sweatshirt and fleece.

Paul ,who currently flies and instructs at Bowland Forest Gliding Club at Chipping near Preston, said: “It was very unexpected but you have to seize these opportunities. Wave lift occurs down- wind of mountains like the Cairngorms.

“Sea air kills thermals so it is not easy to fly gliders near the coast but I once got from Chipping to Blackpool and flew over the Tower.”

He collects his trophy for his three hour epic from the British Gliding Association next month.