North West businesses adopt pet-friendly policy

Are pets welcome in your office?
Are pets welcome in your office?
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An estimated 1.7 million British businesses have adopted a pet-friendly policy.

But new data has revealed that two thirds of employees claim office dogs are bad for business.

More than half of staff think that our furry friends are a major distraction, making for poor productivity.In the North West, 28 per cent of people think employees should be allowed to bring pets to work

Despite the debate over how welcome woofers are at work, employees agreed that having a company canine can ease anxious environments.

Of the 2,000 office workers surveyed by, over half said that having pets in the workplace helped to relieve stress and improve their enthusiasm for the job.

The same number claim pets are a great way to boost morale because they give them an excuse to talk to colleagues about non-work matters.

The new data also revealed that those who are not allowed to bring their furry friends to the office, can’t help but check up on them.