Mum ‘wrongly accused’ after helping youngsters while on holiday in Majorca

Amanda Wignall, 37, from central Blackpool
Amanda Wignall, 37, from central Blackpool
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A mum who said she stepped in to care for two youngsters on holiday while their parents allegedly got ‘paralytic’ is being bombarded with messages from people who think SHE was the drunk one.

Amanda Wignall, from central Blackpool, spoke to a national newspaper after returning from Majorca, where she said she stepped in to help two girls allegedly left to fend for themselves.

Now she says her parents are now getting calls asking if she had been arrested.

The 37-year-old, whose trip was a surprise for her birthday, said: “They are seeing the pictures and headlines and assuming it’s me.

“I don’t even drink. I was the rescuer.”

Amanda said she was among a number of holidaymakers who looked after the youngsters after seeing them alone after flying to Palma with her husband and four-year-old son on Sunday.

Following a call to Spanish police after hotel security staff intervened, the youngsters’ mum and step-dad were reportedly arrested, with the girls taken into the care of local social services.

Amanda said: “It could’ve been another Maddie McCann story, they didn’t know how much danger they were in.

“It’s absolutely disgusting, they don’t deserve to have children, let alone take them abroad.”

But, despite the article clearly stating Amanda was the one helping and not one of the young girls’ parents, she said people are still getting confused.

“I have had messages from people asking if I have got back to the UK and have my kids back,” she said.

“I have had people ringing my parents asking if I have been arrested. This is people in the town jumping to that assumption.

“They are going around spreading gossip.”

Amanda, who approached The Gazette and said she was not paid to tell her story, said she has also been targeted by online trolls who accused her of ‘cashing in on the girls’ misery’, and said she has even been approached while on the school run.

She added: “I wake up every morning really angry at what is going on, or really sad about what happened to those girls. Every morning is horrendous.

“I don’t want to go out and face people because I don’t know what they think.”