More 'tremors' near huge construction site

Anchorsholme Park
Anchorsholme Park
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United Utilities bosses have been urged to open up to the public after more vibrations were reported in Anchorsholme.

The latest incident happened on Saturday morning and was felt by residents living close to the company’s construction site in Anchorsholme Park.

Some residents called the police following the shake, which prompted fresh fears that homes could be damaged.

Now Coun Paul Galley is calling on United Utilities to ease concerns both by informing residents and extending the support it offers.

He wants the company to be open and honest by the noise and vibrations its huge construction project at Anchorsholme, where a giant storm water tank is being built, creates.

Coun Galley said: “The issue here is what is within United Utilities tolerances and what people feel in their homes.

“Saturday morning was very busy with people calling in to report a tremor.

“Those living very close to the site have been offered surveys of their home by United Utilities.

“I feel that should be extended to anybody who has felt these vibrations.

“People are worried their properties could be damaged.”

United Utilities accepted it had been responsible for Saturday’s issue.

The firm reassured residents there was no reason for concern.

A spokesman said: “Over the weekend, work on the construction of the shaft for the pumping station did produce some vibration and we’re sorry if this caused any concern.

“While we understand homeowners in the immediate area did feel some vibration, I would like to reassure the local community the monitoring equipment set up in strategic locations around our working area did not transmit any alert that would give rise to concern.

“That said, our aim is to always manage the impact from our working area, so we will be reviewing how any such occurrences can be minimised going forward.”