Lytham park to be drained after overflowing storage tank erupted foul water over playing field

Flooding at Park View
Flooding at Park View
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Foul water that covered playing fields at Park View 4 U in Lytham will be drained into tankers, Fylde Council has said.

Workers from United Utilities are due to start work at the park, which flooded during heavy rainfall on September 28 and 29, tomorrow morning.

A council spokesman said: "We understand that the storage tank beneath Park View, which holds foul and surface water, experienced a surcharge onto the playing field arising from the heavy rainfall in the catchment over that weekend. This was exacerbated with high tides and the requirement to close the tidal gates at Graving Dock Bridge until midweek. This meant that water could not drain away as would ordinarily have occurred. Coupled with saturated ground and further rainfall, the situation may take a little more time to return the field to its normal state.

"In a bid to provide an earlier resolution, engineers from United Utilities have agreed to drain the field into tankers, which will operate from the periphery of the site to minimise damage to the playing pitches.

"The council requests that the public utilise the flood-free pathways through the park and ensure that children and pets are discouraged from paddling in the flooded areas and are kept away from manhole covers.

"We will keep you updated with our progress and hope to have the situation rectified as soon as possible."

Video by Neil Redman