Lytham man's new word search story book promised to be 'one of the most challenging ever'

One of the stories in the book
One of the stories in the book
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A Lytham man has had a quiz book published which he believes is one of the most challenging ever.

Michael Millar, 53, said his new Questionable Stories book is quite a challenge for readers and was developed so people can’t cheat at it.

Michael Millar with his Questionable Stories book

Michael Millar with his Questionable Stories book

He has created a selection of stories that have a word search built into them. The challenge is to find all of the words.

Michael, who lives on Cleveland Road, said: “I believe it has to be one of the most challenging quiz books to be published.

“If you love the challenge of a mind bendingly twisted quiz or word search, then Questionable Stories is the compendium for you.”

Some of them include finding 25 insects and reptiles and 36 car manufacturers while reading the accompanying story.

Michael is a quiz master and delivers quizzes in pubs, clubs and hotels in and around the Fylde coast, and devised the idea of coming up with the hidden words in a story idead while quizzing.

He said: “The main reason I came up with the idea was to tackle people cheating.

“My biggest problem I encounter when I am quizzing is people who are using their mobile phones to find answers. It spoils it for me.

“So to try and beat mobile phone users I developed the stories for the book.

“The answers are at the back of the book for most of the quizzes , but you will still have to find them in their respective stories.”

The final story is a long one and people can post their answers on the book’s Facebook page.

It’s his first compendium of story word searched but he hopes to publish even more and already has lots of ideas.

Michael’s dad was Emile Ford, a musician and singer who was popular in the United Kingdom during the 1950s and 1960s. His single ‘What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?’ was a UK number one in 1959.

The book can be bought from retailers including WHSmith, Amazon and Waterstones.