Lytham Kids Festival organiser says she has received threats over demands for ticket refunds

Hundreds demand refund over advertising and ticket issues at Lytham Kids Festival
Hundreds demand refund over advertising and ticket issues at Lytham Kids Festival
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The organiser of a festival in Lytham says she has received threats as people demand refunds for tickets.

It comes as hundreds joined a group on Facebook, called 'Lytham Kids Festival - We demand a refund', calling for their money back.

They are complaining that promotion for Lytham Kids Festival had misled them and did not reflect the reality of the event and are angry that after paying in the range of £30 for family tickets they then had to purchase £10 wristbands to enter the grounds.

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Organiser Katie Harris of Red Cherry Media UK says the wristband prices were clearly listed on the booking systems and the photos she used to promote the event were sent to her from the supplier of the inflatables.

However, two online ticket booking pages appear to have been updated since the event began to include extra details, including wristband prices.

She also said that, after her address and pictures of her children were shared to the Facebook protest group, that she does not feel safe.

"I used the photos given to me from the supplier," she said. "Costs for the wristbands were all clearly stated on Facebook and all on the booking systems as advertised.

"It does also state on the ticket pages about the chance of poor weather.

"Because of the weather we did have to shut down some of the slides for short periods of time due to health and safety issues to ensure the children were safe.

"But this has got completely out of hand. It has escalated out of control.

"I've had threats. I've got two small children and I don't feel safe.

"Pictures of my children have been shared on the Facebook page as well as my home address.

"I was getting phone calls all through the night last night. I don't feel safe. I've spoken to the police.

"If I had done something I would hold my hands up but this has become a personal attack, not a business attack.

"People that I am friends with are getting phone calls about it now. That's how bad it's got.

"I'll be seeing a solicitor tomorrow over the issues including the harassment, sharing my personal details and photos online and over the defamation of my character."

Writing on the Lytham Kids Festival - We demand a refund Facebook page, which now has more than 650 members, Catriona Gabriella Ankrah said: “We went yesterday and me and my kids were so disappointed.

“My little girl was crying at the end because she was so disappointed.

“I don't have a lot of money as I'm a student and I really want a refund it was such a waste of time, badly organised and not to mention unsafe. There was hardly any staff anywhere.”

Colette Watson, who had travelled with her family to the festival from Sheffield said: “I paid £69.78 for four adults and three children it was a complete rip off!

“The tribute bands were appalling there was only a few inflatables and a teacup ride for the price we paid.

“Children were not allowed to go to the bar to get their drink.

“Although you can't account for the weather there was no provision in place for people to shelter.

“Absolute disgrace!”

The festival, which continues today, takes place in the grounds of Lytham Hall which has rented its land to Red Cherry Media but is not involved in organising the event.

Manager at Lytham Hall Peter Anthony said: “There’s no organisation from our side whatsoever. “We rented our grounds out to the company and we rent it out several times during the year.

“We are a cash-strapped charity and this is a conservation project.

“It’s very sad that this has happened. It’s nothing to do with us. We will obviously be talking to the organisers regarding any future events.

“Our reputation is everything and the work that has gone on in the hall is immense. Anything that damages our reputation we take very seriously.

“We have 214 volunteers who bust a gut for Lytham Hall so it’s very sad when this happens.”