Lewis a real life hero after CPR rescue outside his house in Fleetwood

Megan Carbray thanks Lewis Smith for dramatically saving her mum's life
Megan Carbray thanks Lewis Smith for dramatically saving her mum's life
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A family has hailed a young Fleetwood man a real life hero after he dramatically saved their mum’s life.

Lewis Smith, 22, of Waverley Avenue, had just returned home after a day at work when he spotted a woman on the ground, with two people standing over her.

Quickly realising she was in difficulties, Lewis began to deliver CPR while an ambulance was called.

Mum-of-six and grandmother Helen Cherry, who was on her way to Fleetwood Hospital for a blood check-up, had suffered a suspected heart attack and appeared to have stopped breathing.

Had Lewis not got her heart pumping, it is likely she would either have died or suffered irreparable brain damage.

Although the ambulance arrived after just three or four minutes with a defribrillator and paramedics rapidly whisked Helen to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Lewis’ quick-thinking and prompt action proved vital.

Helen’s son Paul Owen, 37, said: "If he hadn’t been there, mum would be either dead or permanently brain damaged.

"It was a miracle that he just happened to appear at that very minute.

"Our family can’t thank him enough, he is a real hero, an absolute angel."

The incident enfolded on Friday afternoon as Helen was heading out for a health check and Lewis was returning home for the day.

Lewis, who works as a supervisor at men’s designer fashion store, Terraces, at the Affinity Fleetwood retail park, said: "I pulled up outside my house and I saw this woman had collapsed.

"There were two people with her and I asked what was going on.

"She started to foam at the mouth and I realised she wasn’t breathing.

"I learned CPR about seven years ago when I did a first aid course, but have never had to put any of that stuff into practice before.

"It all came back to me and I started to work her chest.

"I was really calm, I just stuck to what I was doing for about three minutes, until the ambulance came.

"The ambulance crew were second to none, I was really glad to see them.

"When it was all over a felt a bit shaky,but at the time I was OK."

Helen is still in hospital and is making a slow recovery.

Daughter Caroline Cherry said: "Doctors put her in an induced coma but she is awake now and out of intensive care.

"She is still quite confused but she’s been through a lot so it’s not surprising.

"I’ve been to see him [Lewis] and brought round some beers to say thank you.

"I just this he’s really brave - a lot of people wouldn’t have done what he did. He’s definitely one of the bravest people I’ve met.

"And it’s so impressive - he’s such a young lad - only about 23."

Another daughter Megan Carbray, 24, of South Shore, Blackpool, added: "We’re so lucky that Lewis came home when he did, he was brilliant."