Keeping '¨well '¨with '¨expert '¨help and advice

Laughter therapy, mini massage and aerial relaxation all proved to be big hits at a special event at Ribby Hall Village, Wrea Green.

Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 2:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 3:18 pm
Global well-being day at Ribby Hall Village, Wrea Green
Global well-being day at Ribby Hall Village, Wrea Green

The day of activities at the Spa Hotel and health club was held to mark Global Wellness Day.

The not-for-profit day aims to direct the thoughts of both individuals and society towards living well and to raise awareness.

Many of the free activities at Ribby Hall were fully booked in advance and among the sessions was a woodland walk, a continuous cycle challenge and nutritional advice.

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Natalie Westgate, wellness manager at Ribby Hall Village, said the day had been a big success.

“Our aim was to offer wellness activities to both adults and children. We wanted to create awareness of how one thing can change your whole life and wellbeing.

“It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying these free of charge activities and we hope to do even more of the same next year.

“Feedback has been great and we also want those who enjoyed spending time with us, to share their experience with others too.

“It was a fantastic day of events to be involved with and I’m already planning the next one.”

As part of Global Wellness Day, nutritionist at the Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall, Janine McGrath, came up with some top tips for Eve readers on boosting energy.

She said: “Everyone can associate themselves with that horrible feeling known as the ‘afternoon dip’, when our energy levels have well and truly flopped. It’s the time of day when you just can’t concentrate anymore and you just want to slump over your desk and have a nap right there on top of your growing pile of work.

“Well here are some tips which may help banish that afternoon dip:

* Eat a balance diet – Meals should contain food from the four food groups; fruit and vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, protein from meat and alternatives and dairy. Avoid snacking on high sugary foods – These foods are absorbed quickly and the energy boost fades just as quick. Opt for fruit, whole grains or nuts.

Eat at regular intervals – Eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, rather than three large meals can help balance energy levels. Eating at regular times can help your body remember when your next meal is due and therefore control feelings of hunger and sustain energy.

* Stay Hydrated – Becoming dehydrated can cause loss of focus and headaches. Consume 6-8 glasses of fluid a day. Choose water as it contains no calories and add a slice of fruit to make it more appealing.

* Avoid caffeine – Too much caffeine can actually drain your energy levels, so swap your tea or coffee for decaf, herbal or fruit teas and opt for grain coffee.

* Drink less alcohol – Alcohol may help you wind down, but in actual fact it reduces how deeply you sleep – making you tired the next day.

* Sleep – Get around eight continuous hours of sleep a night and set a regular bedtime ritual which can help you wind down.

* Stress – Stress and worry are tiring emotions. Try to de-stress throughout the day, by going for a lunchtime walk, or a walking meeting if at work.

* Do more exercise – Get up and get moving. Physical activity releases hormones called endorphins, which can boost energy and make you feel good. Exercising regularly will help you feel less tired in the long run.

* Prioritise workloads – Rearrange your ‘to do’ lists and keep them short. Keep simple jobs for late afternoons when you don’t have to concentrate too hard.