I have favourite old trousers,too, along with worn-out tartan shirts

Recently this column achieved more elevated status in our favourite local paper, by being raised to the top of its page (if only to make room for an advert).

Friday, 6th December 2019, 5:00 pm
I have favourite old trousers, too, along with worn-out tartan shirts I hide from She Who Knows clear-outs

Another change in its appearance last week was an unexpected photo of me wearing “the famous green jumper”.

This is what She Who Knows calls my aged garment as, after retiring from full Gazette employment a few years ago, I was infamously pictured wearing it with the first of my published books.

“Why didn’t you put on your suit?” she’d demanded back then, while a female colleague groaned, “You’re not still wearing that old thing!”

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As I write this I’ve again got it on. There’s frost outside and hardy gardener Joe, renowned from the nearby Saddle Inn, is battling our overgrown hedge in bobble-cap and scarf. He has also just inquired if we’ve had a power cut, since the kettle isn’t yet on!

Next week will see a Yuletide gathering of retired male colleagues at Poulton’s cosy Thatched House pub – with many old jumpers on view. I’ll be in a colourful one even more ancient than the famous green one, while still wondering to whom it belonged. You see, I found the multi-coloured woolly discarded in a corner of the office years ago, tried it on and, as no one seemed to miss it, kept it.

I often wear this at winter reunions, but the original owner hasn’t yet come forward. (“Too ashamed,” says She Who.)

I have favourite old trousers, too, along with worn-out tartan shirts which I hide from She Who Knows’ clear-outs.

A man gets attached to such togs and they’re also useful for gardening, which reminds me...

Joe says he wouldn’t mind having the famous green jumper, should I ever tire of wearing it.

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